5 Ways 3D Rendering Can Help Presell Your New Property

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5 Ways 3D Rendering Can Help Presell Your New Property

Realtors can offer another preselling option to potential buyers by presenting the property’s exact visual when selling a property. Often, such representation is done by utilizing advanced technology using rendered 2D models. However, with the recent technological advancements, 3D renderings are now more often used by real estate developers as part of their marketing materials.

Real estate marketing is now easier using 3D renderings because it can attract the attention of more potential buyers. As long as 3D renderings’ potential is harnessed well, it can convert leads into sure buyers who are willing to wait for the property until they are ready.

Before discussing the best ways to use 3D renderings, let us first define what they are.

What is 3D rendering?

Nowadays, 3D rendered images are often used in many products. 3D rendering refers to the process of producing 3D rendered visuals using specialized computer software. It takes a two-dimensional image and creates a 3D representation out of it. A wireframe model is then created, complete with colors, texture, shading, lighting, and other materials and effects added to make the image look more realistic.

The idea is similar to 3D animation, which is more prominent in most Pixar and Dreamworks movies. This kind of animation is now visible in live-action films to create scenes that seem impossible or difficult to film in the real world.

Hence, 3D rendering and animation are used in several industries outside of entertainment. It is most commonly used in food and beverage products, jewelry and watches, construction, and real estate.

Are you excited to know how you can leverage your preselling real estate listing by utilizing both real estate photography and videography plus 3D renderings? Here are six useful ways to remember.

Show a preview of the property

Regardless of the property type, you can show potential buyers and investors compelling 3D images before its construction even start. Using a 2D rendering, create a 3D image, and make it as detailed as possible. On the other hand, if you are a developer or real estate agent and want to have great images of an existing property, you could take good pictures or videos of the finished unit and create a visually pleasing presentation. Easy, peasy.

Highlight the property’s features

Using 3D rendered images, any potential buyer can imagine the type of décor, architectural details, lighting fixtures, flooring, and appliances even before the property’s construction is completed. Moreover, they can be used to highlight the features of a dream home.

Modify and finalize designs easily

Getting final approval for a construction project is never simple. It is a complicated process that usually takes time. However, most 3D renderings are done on a computer,  so the designs can be easily shared with anyone and make the changes accordingly.

Effective marketing tool

3D renders and animations are more visually captivating than simple images and clips from real estate photography and videography. Close more deals by utilizing visually enticing 3D images only.

Reach diverse audiences

In any marketing, reaching your target market requires different kinds of marketing efforts. It makes sense to incorporate more effective and trendy marketing tactics than always sticking with the traditional ways. For example, if you plan to target millennial homebuyers, your preselling efforts must incorporate mobile marketing. This is because 3D renderings and videos can be already used to create dynamic online content, which includes mobile-friendly images and videos.

These are only some ways to harness the full potential of 3D renderings when preselling a property. We are hoping that this helps. Happy selling!

Last modified: September 14, 2020

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