6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Photography

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6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Photography

Starting a career in real estate photography is more than just your qualifications. It also involves the skills, talents, and awareness of workflows and deadlines of other people working with you, such as the photographer and editor.

Other than this, marketing your services can be a real challenge. However, it becomes bearable if you pay attention to your customers and do endless ways to get compelling images to impact the industry.

Real estate marketing is not always about the materials; it is more on the strategies. Maybe you are convinced that having aesthetically enhanced images are worth a buyer’s attention, but other realtors think there are still different ways to capture their attention. In short, things are not always about photography. It also has something to do with mastering photography techniques. Here are six useful ideas to get you started into the real estate photography market in no time.

Offer a free photoshoot

As a newbie in the industry, it matters a lot how you prove your worth in the market. Your clients’ mantra is to see is to believe. Being the real estate photographer, you should be able to persuade real estate agents and home sellers to invest in quality images. They should understand that the cost of the package is always a worthy investment. They also want to look at your portfolio to determine your skill and credibility in the field. Do not hesitate to share it with them. However, if you think they are still hesitant, offer them a free shoot right away. It will be hard for them to resist your offer. However, do not sacrifice the images’ quality just because it is a free shoot; remember that it is your only shot to prove why they should get your services.

Discuss your presentation over lunch or snacks

Like the “first shoot free” technique, doing a presentation is another opportunity to get the real estate agents to get your services. During this time, they have enough moments to spare and compare your work against others. Moreover, a pro tip is to do this presentation with an affordable lunch available for everyone. Do not hesitate to start a slide show or print examples of your professional photos compared to images taken from smartphones with no post-processing or bad lighting.

Give first-time clients huge discounts

Since you are still starting, try offering your best package for the lowest package price, but make it exclusive only for first-time clients. This idea gives them a reason to see what your services are all about and see your worth.

Make your house a “first subject”

As a real estate photographer, you always have to start somewhere. So, why don’t you pick up your camera and start taking shots of your home? Since you are in the comfort of your house, you can make sure to prepare necessary “before and after” photos.

Go to open houses and build your network

Networking is essential in any business.  In real estate, agents work in a purely transaction-based environment, so making the best rapport and relationship with them is vital. Ensure that you have repeat clients in the future by continually communicating with them, even after a closed deal.

Look for high-end listings online with bad photos

The goal here is not to ruin your rival business’s name, but it is more about raising awareness. Make a detailed comparison between the bad photos and your shots by pointing out what makes your photographs different.


We hope that these six useful photography ideas will help you leverage the real estate industry’s business. Starting a business is only challenging in the beginning; you will get used to it soon.

Last modified: September 22, 2020

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