5 Tips for Taking Better Real Estate Photos With Your Drone

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Tips for Taking Better Real Estate Photos With Your Drone

The use of aerial photography in real estate is booming and getting more advances. It allows realtors to showcase their properties from a different perspective, aside from the usual eye-level images seen on listings or online catalogs.

A drone is needed to secure high-quality aerial images. Using this type of real estate photography helps agents sell homes by giving buyers a better view of the property. As a photographer, you should understand how drones work to use it properly in the fieldwork. It would be best if you had careful control over it to utilize its high-resolution cameras and take fabulous images to make a home stand out.

So, if you are into aerial photography, here are five tips to take your drone real estate photography to the next level.

Prepare the landscape

Regardless of the type of property, it should be prepared well for upcoming aerial photography. Start by taking a look at scattered objects around the vicinity that will be distracting on the photos. Watch out for vehicles in the driveway and construction equipment if a house is still in the final building stage since these things are usually unpleasant to be seen on photos. The landscape’s preparation should focus on the place and not on other items in the area; hence, it can save time if you do this ahead of time and not when the drone is already up on air. This helps you save time as the photographer, and you also support the editors avoid tedious work of eliminating the unnecessary things in the photos.

Use the intelligent flight mode

If you are an expert in operating drones, you should be aware that they have autonomous flight modes. This feature changes how the aircraft behaves, giving you ultimate control over the drone and its functions.

Adjust the settings

The functionalities of drones vary based on the brand and manufacturer. There are countless settings available that deal with the flight of the aircraft and the camera operation. One pro tip to remember to shoot always shoot photos in raw. Having raw files is usually larger than usual, but it will give the editors more flexibility during the editing stage. Before you start shooting raw images, change first the aspect ratio to 3:2 to have the maximum resolution. Moreover, it will help to use the autofocus rather than the manual option, which can distract you during the process.

Keep the drone at a low altitude

Calculating the exact height needed during an aerial photoshoot is one of the common mistakes of most photographers. To avoid this, make sure to take photos above the property to have room for the actual house and not the roof only. It will show home buyers what to expect from the property. Moreover, ensure that all the other shots are taken lower to the ground.

Professional editing

In any photoshoot, it is always 50% shooting and 50% editing. A photographer’s work will not be much appreciated without the skills of trustworthy editors. They transform dull images into stunning photos using software programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Realtors and clients should invest both in photography and editing as they go hand-in-hand. Otherwise, the absence of one cannot guarantee the best outputs.

Are you considering drone photography for your next real estate listing? Do not hesitate anymore because you are up for a wise choice. With drone photography’s skyrocketing popularity, you can surely secure good sales at one go. Just make sure to follow these five excellent tips and happy aerial shooting!

Last modified: September 17, 2020

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