Things to Consider in Hiring a Pro Real Estate Photographer

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Being in the real estate industry can be challenging. The industry can be tough and competitive. There are quotas to reach and sales to make. Time is always of the essence and first impressions are essential.

If you’re a broker or running a real estate business, you know for a fact that pictures are your best allies. These can help you create a good impression or just help you in selling properties fast. To achieve this, you need to invest in the services of a professional real estate photographer.

Here are factors that you need to consider when looking for a photographer to help you in your real estate business:

• Experience. Look for someone who is familiar with real estate. Although different photography works are similar on most levels, there are certain things that an experienced real estate photographer knows. This includes shooting interiors and capturing the best photographs of a commercial or residential space. There are also certain editing and photography techniques that only experienced real estate photographers are familiar. With this knowledge in the industry, they are also able to deliver the kind of images that clients and buyers actually want. You’ll save more time when you hire an experienced photographer.

• Portfolio. You don’t want to miss asking for a solid portfolio from any photographer. Ask for portfolios from potential candidates to make sure that they can walk their talk. This allows you to check their work and ensure that they can produce the kind of images that you are looking for. Look for a photographer whose style matches with your business and the kind of clients that you take. A portfolio can tell you a lot about a photographer’s skills and what to expect from them. It can also help filter choices according to you project’s needs.

• Film-making skills. Make sure that you hire someone who can be flexible in doing stills and videos, especially if both are things that you need in the business. Both are usually needed in order to make listings stand out from the rest. A real estate photographer who can bounce between the two will help you in drawing in more viewers and more clients. This should be something that you need to ask upfront. This skill can cost you more but it’ll be worth it down the road.

• Pricing. This is a consideration that you wouldn’t want to miss. You wouldn’t want to spend money on work that’s subpar. Most often, than not, the cheapest photographer cannot provide you with the type of quality that you need. Do not always go for the lowest price that you get. Make sure that you invest and pay for what the image is worth. It is often the service and the output that you’re paying for when hiring a photographer. Ensure that the price is fair for both your business and the photographer.

• Turnaround time. A fast turnaround time will help you achieve your goals. Since the real estate industry is fast-paced, you need to look for a photographer who can deliver the finished photos in a timely manner. This makes sure that you can quickly post your listings and make a sale right away. A 24- to 48-hour turnaround time is usually the standard when it comes to real estate photos. Make sure that your photographer can provide you with quality photos at this set time or even earlier.

• Professionalism. Of course, you’d want to work with a professional photographer who delivers. You have to remember that the output is an extension of your name and brand. Hire a photographer who shows up on time during photo shoots and conducts themselves professionally in front of clients. Your photographer also needs to understand your business and make sure that he/she communicates this through photography. A professional photographer can be a dream to work with and this prevents any issues that you may encounter in the future.

Last modified: May 2, 2022

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